Classifieds Service

Classifieds Advertisement Service - Free service for members

AccommodationNZ and Hospitality New Zealand members are welcome to place an online classifieds ads via their member dashboard at no extra cost.

The classified advertisement service is a direct membership benefit and only members are able to submit classified advertisements to automatically be listed.

Members who wish to submit a classified advertisement please log onto your member dashboard here. The classified advertisement online form is available under the 'Manage Profile' tab.

Non-member requests for a classifieds ad listing

For the purposes of a Motel Minder who would like to request a classifieds ad to be listed and is not a current member of Hospitality New Zealand or AccommodationNZ please contact our National Service Centre at or call us on 0800 500 503 for more information.

Please note: Non-member classified ads requests will be listed at the discretion of Hospitality New Zealand.

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