Guest Alert Service

The Guest Alert Service is available to AccommodationNZ members only.

This service is for alerting other AccommodationNZ operators to guests who have caused significant willful financial loss to a business or who have breached the terms and conditions of their stay through activities that are not deemed appropriate by industry standards. 

This service is only available during business hours Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 5.30 pm. Any requests received outside of these times will be reviewed on the next business day.

The information provided in each guest alert is for the sole use of Hospitality New Zealand members only and should be considered private and confidential. Hospitality New Zealand does not take responsibility for any content contained in a guest alert. Please make sure you read the terms of using this service.

To maintain the quality and relevancy of our guest alert service, each request is individually reviewed to ensure that it qualifies as a serious breach of industry standards. If you are unsure if your request qualifies for this service, please refer to the examples below:

Examples of guest alert requests which WILL be sent:
  • Fraudulent bookings
  • Significant damage caused to rooms
  • Serious cases of theft 
  • Nationwide scams
  • Confirmed cases of serious drug use in rooms (i.e Methamphetamine)

Examples of guest alerts which WILL NOT be sent:
  • Extra guests
  • Cooking of odoriferous foods
  • Smoking in rooms
  • Messy rooms
  • Guest was a 'no show'
  • Abusive/aggressive guests
  • Invalid Credit Card details
  • Guests did not pay

The more information you provide to us in the form below, the better we are able to assess the seriousness of the situation. Should our team require more information or if your request does not qualify for this service, we shall inform you of this via email.

The following procedure will be followed to streamline this service and encourage best practice for our members.
  • Member to complete the guest alert request form online (via the member dashboard).
  • Hospitality New Zealand will then review the provided information and respond to the member to advise of of the following:

    1. Guest Alert has been approved and will be/has been sent on a scheduled date/time
    2. Guest Alert has been referred to their Regional Manager for assistance/advice on the issue
    3. Guest Alert has been reviewed and based on the provided information it is not deemed as relevant for this service for reasons provided.

To submit a guest alert request you must first log in to your member dashboard and then click the link below.
Click here to Request a Guest Alert


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