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Increase your business online presence using Kiwi Hospitality

As a member, you are eligible for a free online business listing on Kiwi Hospitality - the official business directory of all Hospitality New Zealand and AccommodationNZ members' businesses around New Zealand.

About Kiwi Hospitality

Kiwi Hospitality is the official business directory of all Hospitality New Zealand members' businesses around New Zealand. This site is designed for travelers and customers to find great hospitality services and products offered near by or where you plan to be.

Our friendly kiwi guide will help you find a place to drink, eat, sleep or see what entertainment is on or special deals.

Visit Kiwi Hospitality by using any mobile device

This intuitive and easy to search hospitality directory can be accessed by your smartphone, desktop computer or laptop.

Wherever you may be Kiwi Hospitality will find you and based on your search criteria recommend a list of places for you to enjoy, see more information and look forward to a great experience of Kiwi Hospitality Start Searching!

If you are more app-friendly, you can download the Kiwi Hospitality app from Google Play.

Download the App at Google Play

Manage your listing

Sign up as a AccommodationNZ member today and have your business listed on the Kiwi Hospitality site upon joining. To check your public listing details are correct please log in to your member dashboard and look for the Kiwi. You can update your listing at any time to include more information, photos, events and more, through your dashboard. 

For more information on how to become a member of AccommodationNZ, please click here or email us at or call our National Service Centre on 0800 500 503.

Free support service

We understand that you are busy running your business, therefore we are offering a free support service to update and an option to enhance your listing for you. Take advantage of this free support service so Kiwi Hospitality can support your business online presence.

If you want to know how Kiwi Hospitality has supported members' businesses online please click here.

Please contact our National Service Centre on 0800 500 503 or email

Motel Directory - Free listing for Moteliers

Motel members of the former Motel Association of New Zealand will continue to access their free business listing on the Motel Directory -

This online directory will continue to operate to assist international and domestic travelers locate motel members' properties until a new and improved accommodation directory for all AccommodationNZ members becomes available.

For more information, please contact our National Service Centre at or phone 0800 500 503.

Supporting our members businesses online

Hospitality New Zealand is looking at opportunities to either design or improve existing online directories that will be fit for purpose for all hospitality business and commercial accommodation operators. Hospitality New Zealand understand the importance of having an online presence to assist customers and travelers discover the hospitality businesses and commercial accommodation properties, and to encourage direct bookings with AccommodationNZ and Hospitality New Zealand members' businesses.

For more information, please contact our National Service Centre at or phone 0800 500 503.

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